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Belen Calvo

Plastic Artist

Argentine artist
She started her career at the workshop Of the painter MA where she discovered and developed her expressionist style and plastic determinations that would break up formal and conventional outlines
After several exhibitions in Arg, Ch and Uruguay she took up work with the argentine colourist And de L with whom she improved and refined her technique.
Some years later her paintings were successfully exhibited in Barcelona.

Education and training
She was trained in teaching at the Dominicas Francesas school where she began to draw her first strokes in charcoal, excelling in human figure and faces.

Professional training
She studied philosophy and History Of Art at the University Of Buenos Aires.

Working experience
She has her own workshop in Buenos Aires where she creates personalized works Of art in charcoal, acrylic and water-colour.


2007 Exhibition Hall of Puerto Madero.
2007 Group exhibition of the workshop of the painter Magdalena Ares.
2008 CGP individual exhibition of Belgrano.
2009 Group exhibition Municipality of Vicente López.
2010 Exhibition in Rome, Domus Romana Art Gallery.
2011 Exhibition at Hipódromo de San Isidro.
2012 Exhibition at Hotel Wynham, Nordelta.
2013 Estilo Pilar.
2014 Estilo Pilar.
2015 Art Room of the Commune 13.
2016 MOSAIK, Expo Beccar.
2017 Exhibition at "Sudestada", Amigos de Tigre Association.
2018 Wine&Art, Hipódromo de Palermo.
2018 Art&Design Gallery, Miami Florida.
2019 Art´s Festival Mirá, Cultural Center Borges.



  • Serie Caras


    They are works based on the observation of women 's faces looking for exaggerated expressions according to how the light comes to them, they have something of caricature and a lot of color and maybe something of drama

  • Serie Pueblito Cataán

    Pueblito Catalán

    Small populations that are on the Mediterranean attracted my attention and were captured on the web

  • Cañaveral

    I am attracted to the tropical, the falls of the sugarcane in Central America have a life and a coloring of great intensity, I think they did not go unnoticed by my sight and I liked it. Take them to the fabric.

    Serie Cañaveral
  • Nature

    This is Inspired by images of the nervous system, everything neuronal and brain cells

    Serie D
  • Serie Ramonas Chicas


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